Google Announces Maps Messaging Updates for Businesses & GMB

Oct 22, 2018
Today, Google announced that Maps Messages is rolling out to more countries, BUT they also snuck in this at the bottom of the post:

On the flip side, businesses that want to accept messages from customers can install the new Google My Business app from Google Play or the App Store to sign up and enable messages. The new Google My Business app makes it even easier for businesses to stay in touch with their customers in real-time and on the go.
Several thoughts:
  • Is this a new feature for the GMB app or has it been available in the US/Canada for a while?
  • Hopefully this means that businesses will no longer need a cell phone number to use Messages. Some of our clients might actually use Messages if it didn't have to be synced with an actual SMS number.
  • It'd also be nice if they can make it so business owners can receive SMS texts via the GMB app, even if the users are using SMS to send the message.

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