Google Feedback Program - Have Your Say

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
I'm guessing more than a few of you in this forum would like to have a word or two with Google about products or support services.

Believe it or not, Google has a program you can join where you might get the chance to do just that.

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User research studies help us improve Google products by allowing us to get feedback directly from our users (that's you!)
You don't have to be a Google product user or a tech aficionado to sign up
When you sign up to participate in user studies, we'll use the information you provide to help us search for suitable participants for user studies. We (or an outside agency working on our behalf in accordance with our privacy policy) will only contact you if we want to invite you to participate in a study or need to clarify information that informs such invitations.
Put your hand up:

FAQs about the program: