Google My Business Changes/Issues for Hotels


Aug 23, 2018
I do think there will be many more options for us to capture niche attribute driven searches now. Pet friendly, family friendly, specific amenities, etc... can stand out now.

It's just another step in Google taking over the travel accommodations space a little bit more.

I believe it will be followed by Google allowing more independent brands to enter Google Hotel Ads and they can cut out OTAs a bit more. At least I hope so.

Plus this makes Google reviews for hotels increase in importance... taking from TripAdvisor's review importance a little bit more.


Sep 5, 2016
Just to come back on the google post part of this thread that @Rich Owings @Margaret Ornsby mention earlier

I'm seeing it too. Unfortunately it is a glitch. If you try to add a post on that listing, you'll get the message "Sorry, posts are currently not available for your business listing."
Got half excited myself for a sec...
I am now seeing posts more visible than they were before for hotel listing and without the error message, However I am unsure weather there is still an issue as once you open the below pop up you are unable to close it without refreshing the whole page , do we still think its a bug?

Does anyone know were I can get a full list of categories that are available in GMB after this most recent update

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