Google+ Update - Can Now add a Poll to your G+ Local Page

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Here is a little G+ update that's pretty cool!

<a href="">Google Adds The Ability To Post Polls On Google+</a>

Google+ users will be able to insert interactive polls into the stream from profiles and pages. Facebook eliminated a similar feature last year.

Google+ apparently disagrees, moving to add an extra interactive feature that there?s clearly a demand for...

...When the feature is available, users will have the option to create polls in the post composition window.

I have it already on the desktop (see screen grab above). The polls are easy to create, allowing up to five answers. You can also add two photos if you want to create a visual comparison, like this:
Head over to see the examples in the screenshots.

The ways that SMBs could use this to create more engagement are endless!

What do you think?