Is it possible for reviews to come back?


May 31, 2019
Before I came to the company a few months ago, they paid no attention to Google reviews. Our flagship location was at a 4.2. We've become proactive in asking for reviews directing them to this page - GMB Review Listings - Journey Pure Alumni. It's nothing dramatic, but a few come in every week. Over 4 months, we're up to a 4.4 with 90 reviews.

But, in the last few weeks, we had 5 complaints that their reviews wouldn't post. They clicked submit, but the review is not showing. I think we're getting filtered. I understand the uptick in reviews and all being positive is suspicious. But, these are real reviews. People are doing them in their homes on their devices at their convenience.

My questions:
1. Is there a way to get those reviews unfiltered?
2. Is there any tips we can do to prevent future filtering?
3. Is there any reason to stop the outreach process for reviews?


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