Is Yext worth the cost??


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Jul 22, 2015
Is Yext worth the monthly fee as opposed to doing these listings manually? So far I've been avoiding the ones that redirect to Yext. Any advice?

Colan Nielsen

Jul 19, 2012
Hi @Libkee27,

The only time I have seen Yext provide value is for enterprise multi-location listing management. In other words, if you are managing 100's or 1000's of locations for a business. Of course, this is going to be very expensive but if you need a LOT of data updated across 100's of listings Yext is a solution.

Outside of that scenario I see no reason to spend the money on Yext for local businesses. Go with Whitespark or Bright Local for citation building an clean-up.

Dan Foland

Local Search Expert
Sep 25, 2018
I agree with @Colan Nielsen.

To add to what Colan mentioned, I've used Yext for enterprise level clients and spent $100,000+ per year with them. Prior to that, I was the sole person managing 1,000+ listings for the client on GMB.

Not only that, but I had roughly 15 other clients I was doing SEO work for. The business was already paying $70,000 a year to have me manage their GMB listings (this was paid to the agency I worked for, not me personally).

So it was likely worth it for the business to pay roughly double for a dedicated solution that went beyond GMB. Additionally, this was a large health system (Yext offers healthcare specific directory listings) so it made sense.

I've heard and seen nothing but bad things about Yext for small business owners and I wouldn't suggest it as a solution for any non-enterprise level company.

Conor Treacy

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Feb 25, 2014
We use Yext with each of our monthly SEO Clients as it's a simple one-stop location for the directories. We do have manual listings at other places too, but the advantage that we use in Yext is a simple update at 1 location for Images, Menus, Product/Services, Coupon Specials, and Events. Updating in the one location pushes out to everyone else.

We use Brightlocal for some other directory listings and also the aggregators, but the Menu & Coupon push is worth the money in Yext (at least for our clients).

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