Questionable Advice on recent Search Engine Land article

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
That said, I don't regret revealing the tactics I discussed, but I regret the approach I took. Joy, I love your recent SEL article on the Got Spam, GMB Doesn't Care. You were able to bring up several tactics that unfortunately do work and are clearly against the guidelines.

Sorry Cory, no idea you are AKA: cleverlyengaged

I don't have Dragon on this PC and can't type much. But here are a couple related links.

1 post at GMB forum. Scenario: listings set up at employee's homes.
<a href="">Solved: Re: 1 location has been suspended for a month</a>

And here's a good one re: setting up multiple listings for SABs. Does not even matter if they are at employee's homes. They generally are not allowed.

<a href="">One SAB Listing Per Urban Area?</a>

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