Service Area on GMB for attorneys using virtual offices- what about the rest of the listings?


Nov 8, 2019
I wanted to get your opinion on this situation that happens occasionally. I have clients (mostly attorneys) that previously used virtual offices to meet clients by appointment and so set up their GMB with that address. When they come to my company, we explain that virtual offices are against GMB guidelines and get permission to update the listing to their home address and hide it so that they're set to a service area since that's the most accurate representation of how they're operating their business- working from home except for appointments with clients at another location. However, my clients still display the virtual address on their website so that clients can find their meeting location, Google Agency support has already said that is not an issue if a by appointment address is on the site but not on GMB.

Do you advise continuing to use the virtual office on other directories we manage for a better user experience so that users know where they can meet the business (by appointment) or do you hide the address and set as SAB on all listings for the sake of NAP consistency? In a lot of these cases, the home address we hide is usually not in the same city/zip as the virtual office.

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