Synup - who is using it, and why?


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Sep 12, 2012
Was constantly getting pestered at LinkedIn, so decided to take one for the team and went through a sales call today.

At this point they are at 30$ USD per location per month. I was told you have to initially sign up for minimum a year with 5 location seats which comes to $1800 total. If you add more locations, it would be additional $30 per month each and the price per location reduces (slightly) after you reach a certain amount. I think the first level is 25 locations, it goes to $27 per month each (iirc).

Once the citation updating is done however, I don't see too much benefit of that part. You can easily update the citations with new information, but unless a business is moving, changing phone numbers, or logo, once it's done, it's done.

Interesting though is that you can disconnect Google, Yelp & Facebook from the updating process, so if you wanted to add a tracking number to the listing manually, you can do that without fear of it getting overwritten at some point afterwards.

There is a lot in their dashboard to go through... citations, review management, whitelabel reports all covered in that price. Everything is templated so for client updating it seems it would be an efficient process.

Overall, it seems a bit expensive though. But I can see an agency making good use by having a lower cost employee using these features since everything is setup for easy reporting.
Thanks Yan. Good to know. Guess they do require a year.

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