Updated Service Areas - Zips vs. Counties

Niki Gross

Aug 14, 2019
Considering Google's recent change in the number of zip codes allowed for service areas, we reduced our numbers within GMB to 20. We left the service areas for 4 locations as is (while we determined the appropriate selection of zip codes). In that time GMB automatically removed all zip codes in those 4 locations and replaced them with counties. Each of the 4 location zips were removed (with a strikethrough) in the dashboard and replaced with 4 counties. In some instances, the county where the office is located was not included. I realize as a SAB the historical business address should not be taken into consideration - but want to see if anyone else has experienced similar situations with their service areas.

These locations have existed in GMB for years and were initially entered with exact addresses of the office, and then recently removed. I'm unable to determine if the address could still have impact.

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