Verbiage on Unclaimed GMB pages: "Own this business?" (KP) / "Claim this business" (Maps) vs. "Manage this listing"


Sep 2, 2019
Welcome, @NiQ! Interesting thoughts. I went back and looked at some examples I provided earlier in the thread to check the logic you pointed out.

1. In an instance where "Manage this listing" was available, upon selecting that, it brought me to the screen to complete a verification. If that page already had an owner, would it really ask for that?
2. In another instance where "Manage this listing" was available, I began the process of trying to acquire access by starting at, then selecting the existing listing from the dropdown. It then brought me to a screen that I have not seen before:

I did not finish the process by selecting "Manage now" because I don't really want to manage the page :)

Also, when you refer to "Someone has a location," in what situations is that a reference to (ie, where do you see that exact verbiage?)?
Yes, the plot thickens ...
In any case, however - every new user will have to be verified, but the exact nature of the verification process will be different, for different roles and at different stages of completion of a listing's profile.
I don't think there is a simple way to create an exact correspondence between the verbiage and the current status of a listing, other than some very broad points of reference, already accounted for in this thread.
I don't think that even a well-informed Google employee can shed more light on this subject.

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