Views Vs. Impressions in GMB Discrepency


Dec 12, 2013
Huge thanks to Joy for continually creating great content, that does a great job of answering so many questions. This post about GMB data was extremely helpful, but, I'm still stuck on some pieces of it.

Joy's article says that basically the difference between Search impressions and Views on maps/search is due to people browsing the map, and the additional views that come up with that.

This seems to Jibe with a lot of the data I see. The Total search impressions are less than the Maps/search views for this reason. For example, I have a hospital, which is kind of a landmark, and you would think it would get a good amount of browsing views, and it does. Views greatly exceed Total Searc Impressions.

However (and this is the question): How can their be fewer views than total search impressions? Wouldn't any search impression also be a "view on search"?

For example:

Hospital A: 270K Search impressions, 376K total views (237K map/138 Search)
Clinic B: 135K Search impressions, 109K total views (17K map/91K search)

I tried to subtract off the Direct search impressions - and that seems to get them much closer, as if Knowledge panel views are not counted in "views on map"/"views.

Anybody else have an idea why there is a difference?

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