Would you change the name of a listing that is not optimized?


Jun 4, 2019
Hi, I just got a client whose google mybusiness name is just his brand name. Let's say he is a lawyer firm, by adding "lawyer" before his brand would I be putting at risk his listing?

Months ago I would not have doubted at all and I would have changed it, but at the moment, with all the bans and everything It makes me doubt...

I want to change the name because the listing has almost no citations and it would be better in the future to include his category keyword inside the name of the listing.


Jun 26, 2019
Your GMB name needs to match your business's actual name. Here are the guidelines on what you can and cannot do with business names directly from Google's mouth: Guidelines for representing your business on Google - Google My Business Help

I wouldn't suggest adding any keywords to the GMB business name unless it's included in the actual business name. Google expects to see that same named used on signage and paperwork, and will consider it spammy if you only use it for GMB.


Local Search Expert
Nov 19, 2015
I will only say this, I do spam reporting for my clients on a daily basis, this helps them rank better when I report profiles doing exactly what you are talking about doing. A few months ago, you could have done it no harm, no foul. Now, you do it and get reported or caught by the algo and you will get suspended.

Not worth it imho.

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