Finding the "declared" address for an SAB listing

Good to know it still works sometimes. The few times I checked in recent months it wasn't working for me. I haven't tried method #2, but for #1, it appeared to me that Google was putting in a random address. The reason I suspected Google automatically did that was that the addresses I was seeing were strange, such as 306-308 Main St, when 306 Main St and 308 Main St were valid, but not 306-308. Of course I didn't really look at many examples.
That was my guess. But sounds like others are still able to see what they believe to be a valid address (eg, po box, virtual office) at least some of the time, I'm not sure why google would only do it for some listings.
When I'm trying to hunt these down, I Google the phone number on the listing. Often I'll find lots directory listings with a consistent address. Then I'll search Google Maps for that address on one screen and look at the service area on another screen and try to eyeball it to see if it looks to be about the center of the service area.
Another way I look for it is the placeid finder tool -

So in the post by Kevin recently, the PO box could be clearly seen when the biz was searched on -

It's not 100% by any means, rather simply another method to try to track things down.

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