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    Did Google Maps misplace San Antonio, TX?

    Well ok, so maybe its not missing but it isn't searchable in Google Maps. A recent search shows that searching for "San Antonio, TX" does not yield any results for the city. The old Google Maps only shows one listing called "San Antonio Car Carrier". - Props to those guys for some good local SEO too.

    The same search on the new Google maps shows the same result as above.

    Getting directions?? I don't think so. They can't find the city so, you don't have a start or end point.

    Of course this can all be avoided if you search an actual address and this may just be Google caught in the act of a simple update.

    Or is it......

    Cue suspenseful music.
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    Re: Did Google Maps misplace San Antonio, TX?

    I'm also seeing only "San Antonio Car Carrier" - both in new and old Maps.

    WTF, Google?

    Good catch, though!

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    Re: Did Google Maps misplace San Antonio, TX?

    Thanks for the catch Ryan!

    I could not resist driving the one box point home again so started a new thread and linked back here giving you credit.

    Google Maps Loses San Antonio Tx - Eaten by a "Shitty" One Box
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