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    Google Place vs Google+ Local Business Listing

    Hi guys,

    Google newbie here so please don't shoot me down on my first post.

    I'm getting really confused with where I should be listing a business on Google. I've created business pages on Google+ but they're not showing on any searches. How long should this take? Also, is this the right place to create a listing to show in the "7-pack" or do I still have to go to Google Places (I thought that was now defunct)?

    Any help much appreciated!

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    Re: Google Place vs Google+ Local Business Listing

    Hey Tim, welcome.

    Don't worry we'd never shoot you down. Google has everyone confused.

    Google Places is still around and that's where you go to create a business listing to show in search - ie 7 pack. So Google still calls the business owner side and dashboard Google Places.

    The public side of the page is now called Google+ Local and it's half way upgraded to G+.

    Right now you manage your Google Place page in the dashboard and your G+ Business page separately. In a while Google will be merging everything together.

    Here are some of the best resources to read more.
    Best Google+ Local Resources
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