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    Practitioner listings for Hair Salons/Stylists


    I just read Darren Shaw's and Joy Hawkins' great article on practitioner listings, and I'm so much more informed and competent in this area now. Thanks guys.

    I have a large Hair Salon in LA - the main business profile ranks well. They want to know if it is ok for the stylists to have their own profile. According to the Joy and Darren article, it seems yes, they should.

    I am prepared to give them this advice, but, I'm worried that if all these practitioners create profiles - won't that seem weird to Google to have 10-20 businesses all located at the same address? Could this cause the main location to get filtered?

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    Re: Practitioner listings for Hair Salons/Stylists

    Yes, this would be in everyone's best interest, but be very careful. You want to make sure that everyone is registering as practitioners. If someone does register as a salon, then you could experience a bit of confusion. As long as you manage accordingly you shouldn't have any problems.
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    Re: Practitioner listings for Hair Salons/Stylists

    Just keep in mind that the more listings you have at one address, the greater the chances that the main listing could be impacted, filtered...etc.

    If you do decide to create individual listings make sure to use a different primary GMB category. For example if the main listing uses "Hair Salon" make sure the individual listings use "Hairdresser".

    But since the main listing is ranking well, I would advise against creating the additional listings.
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