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    Re: Bad Reviews, thinking of closing GMB profile

    So, some time has gone past and I wanted to give everyone and update on where things are currently.

    I'm still waiting for a call back from the client, but they were able to convince someone at Google to remove their business listing. They no longer have a Knowledge Panel, and as a result of their GMB being deleted, they no longer have any reviews.

    I don't know who she talked with, or what she did to get this removed, so I'm waiting on answers for this and will update acordingly.

    They are still listed on Yelp (4 stars, 23 reviews) still on mapquest (28 reviews with 8/10 rating) and BBB, Facebook etc etc. So they still "exist" but just not according to Google.

    As everyone mentioned, the drip campaign of getting new reviews was on our priority list, but it seems like the moment their GMB profile was killed, they no longer needed to answer emails... (the emergency has passed, so a response 7+ days later becomes the new norm).

    I wanted to thank everyone for their input on this. I don't know how she got the GMB killed off, but with that gone, their life has returned to normal.

    When I find out the answer, I'll drop the note back in here again on it.
    Conor Treacy
    Big Red SEO - Omaha, NE

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    Re: Bad Reviews, thinking of closing GMB profile

    Thanks Conor. Ya I'm really curious what she told them to get it removed. REALLY curious.
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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