GMB Now Showing Takeout & Delivery Labels in Maps


LocalU Faculty
Sep 13, 2018
@krystaltaing shared a screenshot on Twitter of Google adding new Pickup and Delivery buttons right in the GMB listing - this doesn't 100% seem to be linked to Grubhub, et. al. associated listings - The button is showing for all listings, but if they're clicked a restaurant that doesn't participate in "Order Food with Google" will show a "this service is not available" message. Kind of a poor choice - they may be doing takeout/delivery independent of one of the profit-sucking "big guys".

dining options.png
order w: google.png

And today Barry Schwartz shared at that attributes like takeout, delivery and temporarily closed are showing up in maps! This screenshot was taken this morning (April 6) from my small local town

takeout labels.png

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