GMB Redressal Form Updated - Clarifies what to NOT submit.


Local Search Expert
Nov 19, 2015
Google has updated the redressal form to bring a little more clarity as to what should be submitted.

If you simply need to correct an incorrect business name, phone number, or URL, do not use this form. Use these steps to correct the information instead.
Essentially, if you are spam-fighting, do not use the redressal form for reporting keyword stuffed names.

What Google is looking for is "misleading information or fraudulent activity" such as fake listings, or say a name of a business is Auto Accident Lawyers, but the website is all about garage door repair.

What they are encouraging is that you use to suggest an edit. Yes, it may not stick, the merchant may simply change it back, but Google is using suggested edits to train the machine learning algorithm. So while it may seem fruitless, it is helping in the long run.



Jan 18, 2020
I'm finding spam and am using the redressal form for locations that are no longer in business according to the state registrations, or otherwise seem fraudulent. So far, that's what is crossing my path the most. Would you say that is a proper redressal usage? Good to know on the address! Will keep this in mind.

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