Irrelevant Location Page in Organic Sitelinks


Aug 17, 2018
Hi there,

I've got a franchise client with locations across the U.S. One of the franchisees in Mount Pleasant, SC has been getting calls from people not in their territory (a common issue we run into). The client's concern is that under the organic listing, there are a few seemingly-irrelevant sitelinks. Namely, there is a sitelink for one of the Tampa, FL franchisees. The idea that Google thinks that the Tampa location is a relevant search result, when it actually sits two states away from the location of the searcher, is a bit laughable. I should also note that another South Carolina-based franchisee shows up in the same organic listing (Summerville), and there are about 5-6 franchisees that sit geographically in between the Tampa location and the Mount Pleasant location.

Any ideas about what might be causing the Tampa location to show up for a searcher in South Carolina?

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