Map Citations for business serving customers in certain area(not at business address)


Jul 13, 2013
Building map citations helps ranking, but should we build map citations for businesses serving customers at their location, with hidden address(like plumber).

I dashboard business address looks like:
Company Name
421 Broadway
New York, NY, 10019

But at google places it's look like:
Manhattan, New York, NY

What you think guys?

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
Yes, you should build citations no matter what - even if your address is hidden in Google Places.

On most of those sites you can choose to hide your address, if you'd like. You'll still need to provide full address information (i.e. 421 Broadway, New York, NY 10019), but the point is that you can choose not to display it publicly on your listings.

The only really important one that you can't hide your address on is

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