New Category Section Seen in Product Post


Sep 3, 2019
Today I post product on google my business and I saw there is a new option for a select category which product you should publish in which category.

Did anyone notice that?



Publicist at Sterling Sky
Feb 4, 2019

Initially, I wrote that I couldn't recreate what you're seeing on my end, but I was just able to. It seems, at least for me, GMB listings that were created quite some time ago do not have this option. However, GMB listings we've made recently do. Most likely it's a beta rollout or similar, which hopefully will become an option for all GMB listings. However, many listings are still waiting for Products (beta), well now Shop (beta), to rollout to them, so it could take awhile for each account to see it.

Nice find!


Oct 5, 2018
Hey Mitesh,

This was mostly a UI update on the products beta side which I have seen rolled out on some accounts. But not much has changed on the technical side.

You can create a new "category" directly within the posts portion (which it looks like that is where you are from your screenshot). If you already have the products beta set up, that drop down will give you options to select where the product post would fall under and it will add that product to the product beta.
Oct 17, 2018
To add on to all this, we logged in this morning and found that every single one of our past product posts for our clients have been removed and "converted" into a product on the Products (Beta) section.

We do product posts for our floral clients quite often, and now all of these are gone from our post history and are instead slotted in on Products (Beta) under a "From Product Posts" category. Here is an example of one of our clients that this has happened to: Link. There is an "Arrangements" category that we started doing last month as a test when this first started rolling out and then the "From Product Posts" category which is where Google shoved everything else into.

I do like the Products (Beta) category conceptually but the fact Google is forcefully moving posted content (product posts) there without any trace of them being left in the Post history is a little frustrating.

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