Switching to a SAB?


Jul 17, 2018
I have recently inherited a number of listings under a franchise model that provide a service to an area. By definition, this sounds like a service area business. I'm hesitant to switch everything over however without doing my research. First, what do I have to lose? Secondly, how do I tell if any competitors are using SAB listings? Any suggestions on the best way to make this transition?

Colan Nielsen

Jul 19, 2012
Hi @aggiejulie12 If they go to their customers location they would be considered an SAB. If they also see customers at their business address you can leave the address in the GMB dashboard and it will appear on the live listing. Not having it set-up properly can lead to a listing suspension so you want to get it right.

Do you have a specific example you would like us to look at?

Yan Gilbert

Oct 15, 2016
You can tell if competitors are hiding their address by doing a Maps search and looking at their listings. The full address will be there or not.

The rankings at this point are not affected by hiding the address. However, a few here have reported that leads drop slightly when hiding the address, possibly because there is a lower trust value for the listing when people are researching who to call. This probably depends on the industry.

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