A New Way to Add Events on Google Maps


Jul 18, 2012
Last week, I noticed a new feature on the Contributions tab inside the Google Maps app. It's called "Events" and when you click it, it prompts you to add an event to Google Maps.

When you click it, it allows you to fill in the details of the event and publish it.

I tried adding one to a library and within minutes of me posting it, it was showing in the Knowledge Panel for the library.

I asked tons of people and was only able to find one other person that had access to this new feature. According to this thread, Google says it's available now for a small amount of users. It's important to note that my event likely published immediately because I linked it to a page on the library's website that showed the event. Another user in this thread had their event automatically get denied which was likely because they were linking it to a 3rd party site. Prior to this, there was not a direct way to add events to the Knowledge Panel apart from marking your events up with Schema on your website and hoping Google would pick it up.


Local Search Expert
Apr 6, 2016
I wonder if the owner then has control over that event via the dashboard so they can edit / update accordingly?


Jul 15, 2013
I also don't yet have access to it. I'm publishing client events as posts on GMB now -wondering how (or if) these interact with each other?

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