Any success removing former and/or disgruntled employees' negative reviews?

Brian Bender

Sep 6, 2018
I've recently encountered a situation where a former employee of the company I work for has left a 1-star review for us on Google. Unfortunately, despite the evidence we provided to GMB support, we could not get the review removed. They claimed it doesn't violate their terms of service, which clearly does not make sense.

Has anyone else had success removing a disgruntled employee's review or the review left by a competitor like this (the person above works for another local competitor)? And if so, how did you verify it?

A few background details on our situation:
1. The former employee used her first name and photograph on the review (no last name)
2. We provided GMB support with a link to her LinkedIn profile to verify what I was saying is correct (the former employee even had our company still listed as her current employer).
3. Only a 1-star review was given, no description with it.
Jan 31, 2016
Im working on a software to get these blatant false or attacks via negative reviews are removed for clients. Stand by :)