Category spam - Best way to get them changed?

Tim Colling

Local Search Expert
Sep 3, 2014
There is a national company that does business through local franchisees. The national company sets up GMB listings for them using a primary category that is misleading. Those franchisees do not provide the service that is being used for that primary category, they do something else.

I would like to get those listings' primary category changed to one that is more accurate and not as unfairly competitive with local businesses that are actually providing the service that is represented by that primary category.

The "suggest an edit" process is not effective. It has not made any difference in the few test cases that I have submitted.

The redressal form has a section titled, "Identify the content on Google Maps that you claim might lead to fraudulent activity.", but it does not allow primary category to be chosen as a response to that question.

What to do? Submit the redressal form anyway, explaining the problem in the comments section at the end? Post a message on the Google Product Experts forum about the suggestion? Something else?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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