GMB & Branded Search Insights


Sep 17, 2018
Hopefully, I convey this question correctly. :)

Under "Insights" the graph at the top on the right shows a circle graph... one of the 3 search results types is [Branded] … "Customers who find your listing searching for a brand related to your business."

I have noticed at certain times in the Google 3-pack under a biz listing a short sentence that this business "mentions XYZ brand". Is that in reference to the GMB [Branded] Insights? I am also wondering what are the parameters to achieve this with Google?

Some businesses that also have content about a brand there is no mention in the 3 pack listing, while others get mentioned in the 3 pack.

It seems strange to me because this a measurement in the GMB, not the website itself where the content is located.

Can someone straighten me out?

Thank you.