Google My Business CID codes?

Jay Singh

Feb 10, 2019
Hi All

Just wondering if anyone out there knows how to extract location CID codes from Google My Business?

With the CIDs, I am looking to create a spreadsheet that lists all the locations in my GMB account.

And within this I woud also like to add in a direct link to each location's dashboard, posts and images page.

Any suggestions please?

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
There are a few ways to do it.

The hardest way is to look in the page source - but it's good to know how to do this.
  1. Pull up your listing in Google Maps. You want the sidebar with just your listing. (Google Maps)
  2. Replace http:// with view-source: in the address bar, and enter.
  3. You'll get a page of the code used to generate the page - can look intimidating, but it's not hard.
  4. Press CTRL+F, and search for "ludocid".
  5. The CID will be the string of numbers located after “ludocid\u003d” and before #lrd.
In the example above, you would find a batch of characters like so:
You can clearly see the name & address of the biz, followed by the ludocid\\u003d and then 18244163473629153928. So for this page, 18244163473629153928 is the CID.

you can cheat like most of us do and use any of the following
  1. Chrome extension by a fellow Product Expert - Company Information in Google
  2. Chrome extension by GatherUp: Chrome Web Store
  3. PlePer's online tool: PlePer Tools - CID converter and link generator
There are a few more online tools that can bring up the CID for you, but... the online tools make use of the API, and that's not always as reliable in returning a CID. Service area businesses in particular get tricky. That's why I recommended the chrome extensions first. They're pretty much bullet proof.


Jul 18, 2012
The tool Kerry mentioned was just announced here:


Nov 19, 2015
if they are listings in your GMB account you can just hover over the View on Search or View on Maps links to see the CID

You don't need this though to create links to your dashboards posts and images pages, just copy the links in the sidebar

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