I guess you aren't supposed to use all Caps

Tyson Downs

Jul 29, 2013
I had a listing (Google + Local) that was acting like a dual claimed listing. Changes I made in the dash wouldn't show up at all, yet it was confirmed many times it wasn't dual claimed. Troubleshooted, filed tickets, did everything. Extremely frustrating.

Evidently, unbeknownst to me, I had (I don't recall doing this), Blvd in all caps, so it was BLVD instead of Boulevard or Blvd.

It seems that this was the issue.

Support made the change to Blvd.

Listing was live within 24 hours....

It wasn't a good experience to say the least and my confidence in support and Google Places as a whole isn't very high right now.

To top it off, it is now a straight Google Places listing, not a Google + Local listing any longer.

So if you have any listings that use all caps in the address, I'd recommend fixing it so it isn't all caps.

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Oh that's frustrating and a tough way to learn.

Man she can be a picky beast!

Thanks for sharing Ty so others can try to avoid that problem!