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Local Mobile Domination: Harnessing the Changing SERPs - BlueGlassX

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
WOWSER! I'm amazed at how much really important Local search info flows through this community daily, due to so many contributions from our great members. But today takes the cake for best shares, so hit recent posts above to catch all the news and tips.

This just in from BlueGlassX featuring and info packed session with David Mihm and Michael Dorausch.

I only share one great tip in the snippet, but there is lots more, so click over to read the rest!

Local and Mobile Domination: Harnessing the Changing SERPs #BlueGlassX

Overcoming Centroid Bias

Myth: The closer you are to the city center, the better your business will rank. How do you outrank city center competition?

Technology is working in your favor. The centroid is actually where the user is located at any given moment, as mobile search becomes more popular. Pay attention to the outliers. Who’s ranking well far from the city center, and what are they doing?
Have not had time to work through all the Tweets but looks like there are some good ones.
So check out all the Tweets here.