Problems With GMB Suspension Appeals


May 15, 2019
Our listing was suspended after updating our address to a new location - did the post card thing, everything was updated and was fine for a week. Then BOOM! hard suspended for no reason. Filled out their reinstatement form, called India idiots numerous times, tried Twitter, email support- we either get no response at all, or unhelpful responses after a week. Our company has lost tens of thousands at this point. Here's the helpful tip I got today via Twitter after waiting 7 days for a reply ....

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Same experience here.

This is madness. That an entity can have such total and absolute power over a companies visibility then literally make that visibility disappear without any recourse or warning is an absolute scandal.


Local Search Expert
Jul 27, 2017
Google has all of the reinstatement requests. You have to wait for support to look at and evaluate your case. No other support channels will be able to do anything else as this is a new Google policy. Google is actively working on resolving the backlog at the moment, see this statement for Google. While it would be nice if they sent out email confirmations and we have asked them and stressed the importance of this.

I understand that it is frustrating, one of my clients was suspended and I too had to wait it out. The process is a horrible user experience. Honestly, I wish I could say more, but I am being prevented by my NDA I signed with Google. In the meantime, you will need to wait it out.

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