Will two email addresses work for one business location?


Jul 30, 2012

In the interests of monitoring where email traffic is coming from I am considering having two email accounts for a single business location. (Please note this is a multi location business)

Historically they have used gmail accounts (one per location) to receive all email correspondence from their Google+ Local Page (and prior too this their Local Business Listing).

Now I have created a new multi location business website (based on best practices shown in recent webinars). I can now obviously create website based email accounts for each location. The intention would be to use these on the website ONLY.

So the question is:

In your opinion would it be detrimental to the business to have two different published email addresses for a single business location?

Any thoughts would be most welcome ;)

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This should have been added to the Google+ Local Forum, but I can't change it :eek:
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