Without searching the business, looking for my business pin


Jul 7, 2020

I've noticed that without searching for my law firm into Google maps when I zoom into my office location, I don't see us on the map. I've tried this in incognito mode on my browser and it still doesn't show. I have both an address and service areas listed in my Google My Business settings
  • Is this something I should be concerned about from a Local SEO perspective?
  • If so, what can I do to fix this?
Any help would be appreciated.

Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
I wouldn't worry about it too much. There are several reasons why you aren't showing up. One reason, which you can't control, is that Google can only show a limited number of places/pins or else the map would just look like a jumbled mess. So, without specifying a business in the search, Google will tend to show things like hospitals, fire departments, parks, attractions..etc

Happy to take a closer look if you want to provide the details. We're going to be publishing some articles on this exact topic later this year, as well.

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