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    Google finds other review sites for my competitors, NOT me!!!

    Im in australia. Google "dentist central coast nsw" First up is seabreesze dental- click on her address, and you see she has one google review, and a review on Click on that, and you see she has ONE womo review

    I (7to7dentist, can find me by googling "dentist wyoming nsw") have 16 5 star google reviews, and FOUR five star reviews on womo. Yet google does not see my four reviews, but is happy to show the other one review for the other dentist.

    My reviews are not recent and have been there for a while

    One problem was/is that I had two listings on womo, one was 7to7dentist, and the other was One had one review, the other had three (even at this stage, were not showing up on google). I had them combined, with my correct name, and four reviews. Still nothing on google many weeks later

    Any ideas?
    Is there any way i can tell google to crawl it, or does it take time, or am i out of luck??
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    Re: Google finds other review sites for my competitors, NOT me!!!

    I'm only seeing one listing in womo for your practice... have you fixed that since you posted?

    As far as encouraging G to crawl it, you could try a link from your website to the womo page - maybe via a blogpost? You have to be careful, of course how you do it, staying on the right side of section 133 and the ADA. As long as the reviews conform with the revised guidelines...

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    Re: Google finds other review sites for my competitors, NOT me!!!

    Thanks Margaret, I was hoping you would see his posts since you are in AU.

    Dr, I really think you have so many issues you need help to sort it all out.

    Free advice in all these disjointed forum threads you have started is not going to help much. AND could just confuse you OR EVEN BE bad advice if someone is just looking at one issue on one of your posts and not evaluating the whole picture.

    You should hire Margaret to help you!
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